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The chilling allegations unwound in a preliminary hearing this week, full of warnings for anyone seeking love online.

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They say he’s a liar, a prescription drug addict and a swindler.

He is charged with a string of felonies, including the first-degree murder of Franchesca Brown.

He was a man who professed devotion, called her “princess” in emails and portrayed himself as an international businessman and a former Army Ranger.

Johnson County prosecutors give different descriptors for John Meredith Hodges.

The South Carolina doctor came to Overland Park for a medical conference and to meet with Hodges.

She had only seen him in person one other time, friends said at the hearings. Ladies, a man can ask the Internet how long it will take for you to die by suffocation.

We heard a mix of recounts of dating mishaps and successful couplings. And he felt the same way "about southern Johnson County girls." "We got married in June and together we've traveled all over this country, seen countless concerts, adopted a puppy, started a business and even put together a computer desk without a single fight yet," Manning tells us on Facebook.

For instance, Lauren Manning tells us that she and her husband met in January 2011. "I'd say it worked for us." An electronic dating scene also helped Colleen Cunningham meet her husband in 2007. "He worked about 5 minutes from where I lived, but both being introverts, our paths would likely never have crossed without online dating," Cunningham tells us on Facebook.

Millionaire dangles wealth and love with a few easy keystrokes.

The site is where a lovely 39-year-old pediatrician thought she found her match.

Guest: Bring on the chocolates, teddy bears and red roses, Valentine's Day is on Friday.