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The more sex she's had, the easier it is for the doctor. But a doctor can put in some temporary stitching and a fake blood capsule before her wedding so her husband will think she had a hymen.

If she's only had sex once or twice, the doctor might not know. In our society, it's very important to have a hymen. I have heard that by giving a break to sex and masturbation, she will get her hymen back. I'm still a virgin, by choice, and my primary form of anxiety comes from societal conditions encouraging females to be more sexually active.

But as a percent of all single women your age, they are a minority.

Is is possible to lose your virginity while masturbating, using water or plain clitoral stimulation (rubbing)?(age 21) You cannot lose your virginity by masturbating, only by having sexual intercourse with another person.My ex boyfriend and I were making out and he put one or two inches of his penis inside. It's doubtful either of you should expect the other to be a virgin. I thought I was, but I read something that made me think otherwise. All that we have done has been fingering, oral sex, and rubbing up against each other with or without clothes on.Someone I had a casual encounter with inserted his penis, just the head, inside me. (age 22) What you describe meets the definition of penetration. My boyfriend and I have made the decision to not have vaginal intercourse just yet. (age 16) By having oral sex, you have entered into a grey area where some people will no longer regard you as a virgin. I still have an intact hymen and I just wanted to know if I am still a virgin.How far in can the penis go before I am not a virgin? You can only become a non-virgin by engaging in sexual intercourse as described above.

If even the tip of the penis is not visible past the outer lips of the vulva, neither of the participants is still a virgin. Some females who have engaged in sexual intercourse have perfectly intact hymens, and some females who have never done anything "below the waist" have no hymen left at all.Besides sexual intercourse, the hymen can break through masturbation, athletic activity, tampon use, or even strenuous play. To quote the song "Toyland" from the 1903 musical Babes in Toyland, (lyrics by Glen Mac Donough, music by Victor Herbert) So what is a "born-again virgin"? A lot of people want to wait to have sex until they're married, or until they meet someone very special. Most girls who are worried about hurting their hymens are trying to keep themselves as pure as possible, like keeping something brand new after bringing it home from the store.Most women have some hymen left until they bear a child vaginally. That's a sexually experienced person who decides not to have sex again until he or she is married or experiences some other event. These people decide that sex is not merely a biological act but something more important. They want to be able to prove to their future husband (or their first partner) that they really are virgins. (age 18) Masturbating does not make you not a virgin. I heard it's when the boy gets all of the head in and I've heard that it's when the boy busts your hymen.I don't masturbate, but I'm wondering if I can lose my virginity by using a tampon.I've only used the smaller sizes twice before getting scared that I broke my hymen, so is it intact, damaged, or gone?Everyone agrees that someone who has engaged in vaginal intercourse is not a virgin.