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The vast majority of men (76 percent) and women (78 percent) both agree that pizza is the best food to eat during a one-night stand.

In fact, men and women agree that a love of pizza will actually make you more attractive to your partner. Well, ice cream also tends to be a popular choice for men (40 percent), while tacos were a popular second choice for the ladies (41 percent).

And according to a new study, I'm not the only one who's put off by them.

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So if you're completely terrified that your date will dump you for accidentally chewing with your mouth open, rest assured, you may still have a shot.All right, so you and your date just did ~the deed~, and now, you're HUNGRY.Do you wait for your one-night stand to leave before you place your Seamless order? Do you invite them to go out and grab something from down the street with you? Well, as for the eating thing, don't fret about whether or not to invite your one-night stand with you.The large majority of men (77 percent) and women (64 percent) think it's totally cool for you to invite them to eat with you. Well, lots of men (42 percent) and women (29 percent) agree that ordering takeout or delivery is the OK, so the two of you decide to order takeout. Well, like any basic girl's favorite meme on Instagram will tell you, pizza is the safest bet you can make.In fact, according to the survey, 23 percent of men and 20 percent of women have literally turned a date down for having bad eating habits, such as chewing too loudly or chewing with your mouth open.

But, then again, let me point out that means 77 percent of men and 80 percent of women DGAF about how loudly you chew or how much of your food they can see while you're chewing.

Becoming a modern gentleman is just a few steps away.

Food etiquette gets about a million and one times more tricky when it comes to the dating.

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Once you have your printables all cut-out and ready to go, you will need to gather your family for some pre-dinner conversation!!

Even the littlest of diners can start working on these important table manners!