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Unclaimed property offices and state escheators currently hold several billion dollars of "lost money" belonging to millions of people.This web page ( will tell you how you can find out - for free - whether there is unclaimed property belonging to you, and how to claim that property.Its National Crime Victim Bar Association, whose members represent crime victims seeking justice in civil court, has unique expertise on how victims’ economic and non-economic damages are compensated through the civil courts.

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After the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the nation responded immediately with a remarkable level of private and government support for the thousands of victims left behind.Repairing the Harm reflects on our approach to compensating the September 11 victims and explores how best to provide financial assistance to all crime victims.The National Center wrote a manual for attorneys, trained thousands of attorneys who had volunteered to represent victims pro bono before the fund, and participated in many of these trainings.The National Center has also written substantive studies on crime victim compensation.Most unclaimed property becomes abandoned as a result of a change of address (the owner moved), a name change (the owner got married or divorced), or death of the owner (the estate was unaware of the money or the heirs could not be located).

Sometimes the owner knows about the asset, but is unaware that it has been decleared abandoned and turned over to the state.Making Restitution Real: Toolkit Practical resources and best-practice models for professionals aiming to improve restitution collection in their communities.Civil Justice for Victims of Crime What is the civil justice system? This brochure walks victims, advocates, and others through the civil justice system, including reasons for pursuing a civil suit, how the civil system works, its strengths and limitations, and what to expect throughout the process.The National Center for Victims of Crime was approached by victims of past mass casualty crimes to establish a “National Compassion Fund.” The Fund will raise public donations which will be distributed directly to victims of future mass casualty crimes.Find out more or donate to the National Compassion Fund Having one centralized fund would spare victims the burden of sorting out offers from a wide range of charities while they are trying to recover from such traumatic events. Our simple and inexpensive process provides you with completed divorce documents in as little as 20 minutes.