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"I just have a thing for white boys," Cameron said.

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Video of the match went viral, made international news and led to Omega receiving numerous death threats.However, despite Omega ultimately winning the match he did it in such a way as to not harm the girl, and even allowed her to have most of the offense.Kaufman participated in several filmed staged matches of this nature and proclaimed himself the "Intergender Champion", issuing an open challenge to any female challenger who can defeat him.This is the beginning of a famous crossover feud between him and wrestling legend Jerry "The King" Lawler.Models Wrestling Management (MWM) was started four years ago by Cam, a 31 year old ex model, dancer and boxer.

‘I was a part of a charity boxing event which involved me jumping in the ring,’ she says.‘As scary and exciting as it was, I noticed a lot of interest.I also noticed a lot of support from women and I felt as though I was inspiring many women to take on things they never thought they could.’ And with this discovery, Cam thought there could be something in this: ‘I looked into females fighting and stumbled across session wrestling,’ she says.- TMZ Sports recently caught up with former WWE Diva Ariane Andrew, f.k.a.Cameron, and was asked about The Rock possibly running for President.Fitness Singles is the best club to meet Wrestling Singles!