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Language differences caused part of the difficulty, but the old German ideas and customs added to it.

The congregations separated into "divisions", one English and one German, each with its own official board and its own pastor, but sharing the use of the church building and cemetery.

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A three-story frame building was built by Frederick Luther in 1878.

According to tradition, in 1830 a man named Walser traveled through the area where the town later was located.

When he returned home to Salem, North Carolina, he told of the beautiful forests, prairies, streams, and wild game he had seen.

On his way home to Hope, in 1845, Hauser stopped at the federal land Office in Palestine, Illinois, to buy, in the name of the church, 120 acres (0.49 km) of land on which West Salem is presently located. Charles Kluge, President of the Synod of the Southern Provincial Conference of the Moravian Church of North America.

In the years that followed, the new community of West Salem began to thrive but also to experience challenges as well.

On April 10, 1892, the German congregation dedicated a new building, the present Moravian Church. Those taking office were President Charles Pixley and Trustees James Fry, Leona Voigt, Dow Harrison, Arthur Clodfelter, E. At that time, those elected drew lots for one- or two-year terms. Mc Neil, was hired for to draft a complete set of ordinances.