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Forty percent, or more than 18 million, are in India.

I think that's where my sex education started because my mother realised that my daughter should know what oral sex is.

I come from a beautiful family who stood up for me and ensured that the boy apologised to me publicly because it really took a toll on my confidence.

We come from middle-class families and the dynamics all across are changing.

I have a 16-year-old daughter and because I think differently than my parents, our dynamics have changed.

Instead, he sold her for Rs 60,000 (5) to a brothel.

For six years, she was moved to various brothels in the area.I thought that during marriage, when the bride and groom take the seven 'pheras' and the knot is tied, there is some connection and that's how babies are made!Bhumi Pednekar: I too was quite unaware about these things.But it was my parents who gave me the confidence that I can go and confide in them.I still have that email and I am never going to delete it because I will show it to my daughter. Bhumi and Ayushmann asked the guys what they've done to impress girls, apart from their physicality.A 29-year-old Indian woman who lost the best years of her life to sexual slavery has written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi asking for help.