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Maybe if she was drunk enough and horny enough, he'd not only kiss his mother, French kiss his mother but also slap her naked ass.Maybe if she was drunk enough and horny enough, she'd not only allow him to kiss her, French kiss her, but also allow him slap her naked ass forty time with one for good luck.

Imagining taking sexual advantage of his mother, he imagined pulling her over his knee.He imagined lifting up her short skirt, pulling down her white, bikini panties, and slapping her naked ass forty times with one for good luck."Happy Birthday, Mom." Going out for the night on her birthday, she looked so pretty. It was going to be a late night waiting up for her to arrive home to wish her a happy birthday again.Rejecting having beer because beer made him sleepy, wanting to be awake to greet his mother, John drank black coffee instead.'I'd love nothing more than to strip my mother naked while French kissing her,' he thought.

Not stopping there with his sexual fantasy, after stripping his mother naked, he dreamt of having incestuous sex with his naked mother.

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He fell asleep with thoughts of unbuttoning and removing her blouse, unbuttoning, unzipping, and removing her short skirt, unhooking and removing her bra, and slowly sliding off her panties.

"How many strippers' cocks did you stroke, Liz," asked Diane? ' Always thinking of his mother as morally modest, John never thought that his mother gave blowjobs.

Then, not believing his eyes, he saw his mother sucking her date, Ralph's prick, a few days ago in the backyard by the pool when she thought he was sleeping.

Totally incestuous, yet, again, so very sexually exciting, fingering her while licking her, he imagined eating his mother's pussy. 'I'd love to give my Mom multiple orgasms with my fingers, my tongue, and my cock,' he thought. " He heard his mother laughing again before he heard his mother answer Diane's question. I lost count of that too," said his mother slurring her words and laughing. "I would have loved someone cumming in my pussy before cumming in my mouth," she said. Did I hear Diane correctly or was I imagining her saying that? My mother sucked four strippers' cocks, maybe more,' he thought while listening at the closed front door.