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Freezes, for example, don't prevent fraudsters from accessing an existing card account, if they already have the necessary information.

In place of credit freezes, the credit reporting industry typically promotes credit monitoring services, which bureaus and banks sell to their customers, or fraud alerts, which are available for free from the credit bureaus and do not block access to credit reports.

in Taumarunui, Ruapehu District, Manawatu-Wanganui) is a former Mayor of Auckland, New Zealand and head of the Auckland Council.

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Barry Curtis announced that he would not be running for re-election, and Brown's main opposition were former Olympic runner Dick Quax and radio personality Willie Jackson.Brown resigned from Wynard Wood in 2007 to focus on his candidacy full-time.That's especially true for the elderly, who may already have all the credit they need but still remain susceptible to fraud.Credit freezes can be a great tool for protecting yourself against identity theft, but they're not for everyone.He attended Mayfield Primary School, Papatoetoe Intermediate School and De La Salle College.

He remembers his youth in prosperous small-town New Zealand fondly, remarking on them as "generous, generous days".

As a result, freezes prevent the consumer from gaining access to new loans, such as credit cards and mortgages, but they also keep fraudsters from opening new accounts in that person's name.

These freezes can subsequently be lifted temporarily or permanently by consumers, sometimes also for a price.

In August 2007, both Quax and Brown were polling "neck and neck".

In June 2010, Brown came under media attention for matters relating to his spending on his council credit card and other council expense claims, which included items of a personal nature like toys, groceries and insect repellant.

A fraud alert requires lenders to verify your identity before opening a new account, usually by calling the phone number that you supply with the alert.