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Apart from its size and appearance, the most remarkable feature here is a rigid tip that isn't at all mushy like the other rubberized stylus tips I tested.

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Also, you can even remove the pocket clip if you want.

Like the rest of the rubber tips I tested, this one's mushy and doesn't provide the hardness I'm looking for from a writing utensil.

Well OK, maybe it was Draw Something that spurred the rush, but if it's not completely evident, the stylus is making a bit of a comeback.

While no i Pad stylus is perfect (how much fun is drawing on glass using a pen, really?

Because of its tip, the Pogo was unresponsive and only registered touches with the i Pad if I pressed it hard against the screen.

And because the Pogo's tip is flat on top and shifts in position as your write, it can be near impossible to make a mark on the page exactly where you intend to. "The problem is, all the styluses on the market are designed to look and feel like a pen. " This is the question Studio Neat asked when it designed the Cosmonaut, a heavy duty wide grip stylus wrapped in rubber for your i Pad.

), we've thrown together our favorites and given each a run with Paper, our new go-to scribbling app, to present you with the best stylus for i Pad, once and for all.

Check out the Verge Scores beneath each stylus, and then refer to the Wrap Up section at the bottom of the page to see complete Score breakdowns.

The Bamboo is light enough to toss in a pocket, but heavy enough to feel substantial.

I just slightly prefer the Kensington's height to weight ratio, but the Bamboo is close.

Fine details are near impossible to produce, and it can be tough to see exactly where you're drawing because the Cosmonaut is so big.