Outlook clients not updating oab

We were having issues with their Exchange 2013 servers and one node would crash or lose connection and break the DAG replication.This would leave the source database mounted and the destination (the second database copy) would end up in a “Failed and Suspended” state.

Check the OAB file location to confirm the dates on the files: The we can run this command (assuming you have one OAB): In the case of my client, the files never changed.

Even tried restarting the Exchange Mailbox Assistant service without any luck.

Because the files were not changed recently the error message was downloaded and the client could not download the files.

To summarize – we have an OAB that is not updating and clients that cannot update their local copies because the copies are too old.

He is a Microsoft virtual Technology Specialist in Unified Communications and holds multiple Microsoft certifications in that arena.

He also dabbles in other areas of Infrastructure: Windows, Hyper-V, VMM, etc.The file location is correct and shows where the current OAB files are.I verified the file location manually but also noticed the date discrepancy (the blue rectangles in the above image) which shows the date the attempted download was made (upper left) and the date of the files (lower right).This map covers the basics of the troubleshooting, but at the second level I don’t go further because there could be any number of reasons for those services to break. messageid=34825591&threadid=34821136 Dave is the Local Practice Lead for Infrastructure at Catapult Systems in Austin.His background is in Unified Communications (Active Directory, Lync, Exchange, and Office 365).This means when a new user is added to your domain and mailbox enabled they will not appear in the "GAL" for Outlook clients until the OAB generation and distribution process has run it’s course.