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Browse it in Web UI and the folder size will be incorrect or pending.Navigate to some sub folder that contains more then 2GB or have at least one file with size more than 2GB and will see "pending" in the file size column.

paging file size not updating-67

There are no errors in the NC logos, there is no error in appache logos too.Attach external (local folder) with big files in it.The file was uploaded correctly but is listed as size "pending" in the web interface, and continues to show syncing in the Windows file explorer.Other devices are stuck on "file 1 of 1" trying to sync the file through the desktop client with no movement in the progress bar after hours, but the file can be completely downloaded through the browser.Note that javascript and thus parse Int can handle more then 32 Bit.

Also with the latest patches, the file is downloaded correctly, so i think it is a matter of visualization.judging from the comments here everyone who reported their architecture was on arm Ah! Seems like all the people here reporting are the ones noticing this on 32bit OS.Raspberry Pi 3, which I use, has a 64bit processor but generally you still install 32bit OS because of the low memory that it has. I'm having the same issue running LAMP in a Rpi 2... Even in the nextcloud client shows 0 B of 43 GB in use...Also on the personal page the used space is shown as 0B while the max available space is shown as the Max Quota-Used Space.Nextcloud 12.0 on raspbian (raspberry pi 3) updated from version 11.0.3 My Sql - 5.5.54 Ph P -5.6.30 @akki42 correct.Update: I think the function "human File Size" is the problem. I've got no problems with a max filesize of 2GB (as is expectable on 32 bit systems), but the problem is that large directories are bringing the system down: I've set a quotum of 100 GB but NC says I've only got a quotum of 28 GB after transferring my files.