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Is there any reason to leave PG2 installed on my system? It lives way down deep inside the networking code on your computer - the stuff in Windows that actually makes/receives network connections for you - and inspects everything that flows past it.

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Public Releases are released on our main and are generally considered to be the most stable; these are generally denoted by a version number like "0.9.2" or "1.0.0".Interim Releases are released on our devblog."Development Blog", are released more frequently, and contain new bugfixes and/or features that have not yet received enough airtime to be considered stable enough for inclusion in a Public Release; these are generally named something like "Peer Block Interim Release r131". If you want to help test the "bleeding edge" of Peer Block development, or if you have encountered a bug in the most recent Public Release that may be fixed in the Interim Release train, you should consider running an Interim Release.So compared with old Peer Guardian software, Peer Block is much more stable, doesn't require nearly so many hacks/workarounds to get working on Vista/Win7, and is actually under active development . Just note that you'll need to close Peer Block before uninstalling PG2, due to some stuff we had to put in there to prevent PG2 from trying to run at the same time as Peer Block.We make two different types of Peer Block releases available for you to download. If you're sharing copyrighted music/video files and get sued by the relevant organizations, it's not our fault.

And heck, even if the blocklists provided 100% coverage of "bad" ip-addresses, and if blocklists were 100% proven to work, there could still be some bugs in the Peer Block software that may prevent it from working correctly on your machine; we offer no guarantees that it works, and disclaim any and all responsibility for the consequences of your own actions online. What is Peer Block's relationship with the old Peer Guardian program? If also looks at the IP address your network packets are going to, and does the same thing. It looks at the IP address this network "packet" is coming from, and compares is against a list of "bad" ip-addresses; if it finds a match, it doesn't let that network packet make it through to the rest of your computer. That depends on what you want to do with Peer Block! In fact some people believe that using blocklists like this are completely useless. And you can create your own lists, either "known safe" ip addresses like websites you trust, your company's servers, or gaming servers to which you need to connect; or your own "bad" lists of people you want to block. Are you in college and want to protect your doings from the campus Network Police? Many more blocklists are available, we recommend those available at While many people do use IP Filtering software like Peer Block to help "protect" themselves from being sued for copyright infringement, it is not 100% protection.Your "Permanent Allow List" can be edited later by going into the List Manager, selecting the "Permanent Allows" list (lists\permallow.p2b), then clicking the "Open List" button.