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And next time wait for a man that you are sure is not married/involved before you even agree to a first date.A man that will appreciate you and say I LOVE YOU (and show it in all the ways including marrying you) instead of My Booty Call. Funny enough my cheating boyfriend cheated on his wife and she divorced him after we broke up.He is playing you like a fiddle and you are letting him. The kind with low self esteem and no respect for herself.

"I have to leave this man alone" : so why don't you do just that ?

Why do you insist on deluding yourself that he loves you at all, rather than merely loving the chances you give him to use you ?

I am happily married to the man I describe who replaced all my feelings for the cheater (in other words a better man who I feel truly and deeply in love with to the exclusion of all others literally and this is a second marriage for him but he waited until he was ready to enter a relationship, his ex cheated on him by the way).

My ex Boot-ier has now got no wife, no kids (they turned against him, no booty call (me) and I was engaged to this sod never knowing he was cheating on me!

Because from this and your previous post you seem like the type of lady that would feel guilt-ridden even if that were to happen now...

What's the point then of continuing on with this man if, even in the best case scenario, you still end up having a black cloud hanging over head for the rest of your life? He's obviously not a good partner, selfish and uncaring about hurting others, a bad role model for his child, a liar and a cheat - Why do you *want* him to leave his wife to be with you??

What's so great about him and how do you know with certainty that it's not all just an act from him to get what he wants out of you?

He has made it quite clear that he's capable of deceit to get what he wants, honestly I think you are still just being taken for a ride.

I tried to break it off but he just pitches up says he's sorry and that he can see that I having a difficult time and that he does not want me to go through it alone and and and and ...

I am angry and hurt and I want to hit him or something but the thing that makes me most ashamed is that I want him to leave her and choose me.

Instead now we have a vicious circle where he comes around and I act like stupid crazy woman and rant and rave and he holds me and comforts me and everything is ok. I should have stuck to my guns when I said that he should stay away and call me when he's divorced.