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"I finally made a bold move and contacted someone whose profile I'd seen online.

Now websites such as and e Harmony offer singles the opportunity to meet online instead of in person. "I can scoot all over the Internet for work, but online dating was a brand new experience," Smith recalls."I had friends who had done it, but when it first became a phenomenon, I thought it was a wonderful opportunity for every creepy person to start trolling through the masses," she says. Single no more, Smith has been in a relationship for about a year with a man she met online."Don't be ashamed that you want to meet someone," she says. Look at ads in newspapers, magazines, and online." Move forward"Think positively, and instead of dwelling on the past, try out new things," says Dr. "Redecorate your living space if your spouse moved out, and extend your social circle by taking up hobbies or taking some university classes," he says."Maybe you always wanted to learn ballroom dancing.When she first got married, dating was more formal. "You can say, ‘Let's grab a cup of coffee,' and it's a date." That's not the only difference.

Most gray divorcees—the nickname given to those who divorce after age 50—met their spouses the old-fashioned way—on a blind date, at school, on the job, or even at a singles' party. There are tons of online message boards, live chats and other interactive discussions related specifically to psoriasis, many in a “support group” style.Getty Images Vikki Smith's first foray into the dating world after 30-plus years of marriage involved a bit of chicanery on her part."Sex can be scary, especially if you haven't dated in 30 years, so don't let yourself get rushed into something you are not comfortable with," Eaker Weil says."Say, ‘I like you and think you are attractive, but I need more time to get to know you,'" she suggests.We all have baggage, but "be discriminating about when and how you reveal things; too much exposure or information is risky," says Eaker Weil.