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Displaying records on to grid view After opening up the sql connection, Let's write the Select statement in the sql command and the execute the sql query using sql command execute reader and append it to grid view data source as shown below.

Output Step 6 Inserting a new record using Insert Statement To add new record to the database we will use the following form that we have created in our file. Text are the form input name to take form input data.

Example "*" - Means All "students" - Data Table in a database.

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student ID, student Name, student Address and in a single data table we can store data for specific topic.

Like to store student's records you can have students data table, For school accounts you can have accounts data table, For school results you can have results data table.

Find the web.config file open that web.config file. Then Drag and drop a gridview to the page from the tool box then do the following as shown in below. Add - Edit Delete buttons from the command field and check on the auto generate fields.

Replace the above connection string with your copied connection string. Edit link is for to choose which record to edit and delete link is for to delete the selected record.

Step 1 Create a web forms application Step 2: Create a Database After creating a new website, create a new database from server explorer of visual studio or SQL server.

We have shown you an example through visual studio 2010.

Displaying, Deletion, Updating and Insertion) in the database we have to use only DML Language statements (i.e. Now that you have understoond about data manipulation language, now let's do step by step insert, update, delete and select using c# code with objects.

To demonstrate step by step insert update delete and select, we will be using a simple web application, you can choose anything web or windows depending on your requirement the coding part will remain the same.

Note: For numeric data we dont use (" ") inverted comma and for string data we use (" ") inverted comma .

Update Statement lets you to update existing one or more records in the database table depending on condition. Example "Where student ID = 1 " - It is a condition, means update student record whose ID number is = 1.

Insert, Select, Update and Delete statements these are basics of a programming because these are common coding practice which applies in development of application or a website associated with the database.