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We aren't 12 anymore and there are much more fun things to do.Yes, cuddling is nice but it's become a loathsome cliche. Anyone who has to state this, repeatedly in profile, the phone and on a date isn't a good kisser.No players = They have been plaid plenty No games = they are full of games and drama, drama, drama Make me laugh = They are boring AS hell and have no sense of humor Want walks on the beach by moonlight = they are so cliche, so ordinary, so plain that vanilla is too strong of a flavorlooking for a real man = she wouldn't know what one is even if it was in front of her Hehehehe. Someone I can have a good time with who knows how to laugh = someone who will entertain me because I can't entertain myself.Loves to cuddle = Thinks this is what women want to hear so they say it not realizing it puts most real women off. They hope cuddling will lead to nude cuddling and then some although all who state this will vehemently disagree.Was having a good time untill I was left babysitting a purse for 30 minutes whilest my date was yacking it up with some guy and acted like I wasnt there. Ill tell ya wether a person is into another person or not theres a thing called courtesy even if its a friend you bumped into. one was a guy who got drunk and was hitting on all the other women in the location we chose to meet. kinda reminds me of the date I had not too long ago where the guy was basically undressing our waitress with his eyes. You are not alone in my shy/nice days I was put into purse watching duty. She never came back to check on it, guess I'm so nice I'm automatically trustworthy. Oh there she is, heading out the door with a guy, forgetting her purse and coat. I actually chased her down, interrupted her conversation with the guy and said 'here's your purse'. I'm sorry this happened ~ another one for the archives.

Anyone have a good story to tell about there dates tonight? I was singing Karaoke while he just flitzed around in there. Okay fine he's not that into me (damn that book hah) I get that , but go back to the restaurant another time and hit on her k? She said 'oh thanks, your so sweet' and left with the dude. Maybe in the future you can refrain from first dates where alcohol is served.But a strange girl wanting a ridiculous favor to free her up so she can talk to another guy? It seems to be only the males who will embarrass themselves to such an extent.Maybe hoping she will think he is SO SWEET that she may as well give him some? and much more enjoyable to focus on the ones that actually do have potential. Profile: Hi, I am an emotionally unstable man, looking for a woman with high drama, that has been played a lot, has not been over their exes and has dysfunctional children.For a first date, I will make you pay for the dinner, tell you about all my abusive exes, ask you to cuddle while naked, demand sex or at least talk profusely about it until you give in, unless you want a one night stand, for which I will not respect you and will not call you anymore, even though I am so horny that I may do that and turn you into a FWB.It'll all work out, you just have to go through a lot of whack jobs to finally find that one who works best for you. Had a cell phone junkie -- talking to other women almost the entire time and making no attempt to hide the fact they were women. Another one was leering at the waitress's butt so after dinner I bid him a hasty farewell.