Rules to dating a drug dealer

Several months ago, I got a Facebook message from an old high school sweetheart. ” Its funny how your past can hunt you down now-a-days with all this social media. For me, the past is ancient history; I’m not that same guy. All of the contact numbers are on our cell phone bill.

Yet with all this said, he says he loves me and hugs me every single day. Anyways, last night my husband snooped on his cell phone and what we discovered actually made me throw up around 2 in the morning. Any suggestions please we are so worried and love him so much. This is so hard as he was doing so good before he came back. I got all of his “contacts” from his cell phone and facebook.

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:/I just found out, like the others, that my 22 year old son is dealing (weed, adderall, who knows what else? My husband either is oblivious or really doesn’t know. So I pose the question: Should I cut him off financially? Maybe you can talk to the school counselor for the 16-year old.We are currently paying for my son’s rent/utilities, cell phone, health and car insurance. My 16 still in school and he is doing ll also in sports. My son just turned 22, 3 months ago he left prison where he served 18 out of 36 months for drug dealing (first offence) . He’s 18, told me he’s been dealing since he was 15.” She rambled on, non-stop, “How did I not see it? ”Finally, when I was convinced she was through, I talked. I was like a good therapist, just shut my mouth and let the answers to all the questions unfold naturally. So I’ll tell you what my high school sweetheart told herself. IF your son: THEN, your son is most likely a drug dealer. It is a great insight especially to those who are going through the same case with their children. He doesn’t have new clothes or anything like that, but I’ve noticed some sketchy behavior and am very suspicious. He has been smoking pot for a year or two now, and doesn’t want to quit. But I told my husband, who I don’t think agrees with me, that if he chooses to continue down this path, he’s out of the our house when he turns 18. ….pretty stupid drug dealers/customers if you ask me. Meanwhile his job is trying to hurry up and get him cleaned up and back to work. Of course, the next day she called, frantic, whispering, she said, “My son is a drug dealer. Ya know, that thing that happens to boys.”I let her go on for two reasons. But the bigger reason I shut-up was because I was trying to enlist a healthy response that wouldn’t offend her. They cost 0 dollars a pair.” She took a beat, I could hear her filling up and she said, “How stupid could I have been? Funny, but I like to consider myself the John the Baptist of drug addiction. The information you have provided as well as the firsthand experience you shared are very helpful. But you can control your emotional state and set up some goals for yourself. I am suspecting our 16-year-old son is dealing pot, like to his friends. His boss found out because the phone which they supply also had texts and voice messages galore. We try to respond to all comments personally and promptly. You’ll need professional advice and intervention not only to address the drug use, but also to act on the criminal nature of your son’s activities; he can go to jail for dealing.

I’d suggest that you call in a family counselor immediately to help you figure out what steps you want to take as parents.

Negative behavior being met with severe negative consequences will certainly result in more negative behavior.

I have never once heard of any teenager (whom likes smoking pot) that gets in trouble and then immediately quits the next day because of being punished.

I knew he smoked a little pot but this news has me devastated; I keep think of him wasting away either in prison or from taking drugs. Patience and understanding is much stronger than a firm hand and a strict set of rules.

I agree that family counseling is a good start, but maybe you need to go even further.

Find the reason why your kid wants to sell drugs, is it because he’s addicted?