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In my old job, the girls at work praised it continually - one of them met a partner on there, another is due to be married soon on the back of it.

Me and well im sure alot of other guys are in it for more than that , we want to meet fun , interesting people who we connect with , have fun with and have adventures !We aren't just in it for sex with as many women as possible so this may be where the divide comes from .I would go up to a girl and say hello, and she would tell me she has a boyfriend. Finally she called back, and I picked up with excitement.I realized that this was a problem I needed to fix, ASAP. It was a guy on the line, “hey man, you are creeping her out. I remember sitting on my living room couch during this call.Monday, Wednesday & either Friday or Saturday..on top of that, I work 45 hours a week and have my other interests like going to the gym and running, so my free nights are limited to Tues and Thurs from 8-10pm and Fri and Sunday! Although i can say this , the 2 guys who seem to agree here , Sapmi and Legend ....

As I said I would write something on how this is done..of the best apps in facebook is called Social Me, where you tag (neg, in my case, LOL) pictures of get talking and gaming if they respond...! Have something in common , they are only really in the game to sleep with lots of women as you've both said on many occasions . =;0) I, like most Asian kids, was really focused on 3 things: studying hard, obeying my parents, and studying hard.I was never a pessimistic person, but I started to feel dejected as more and more girls rejected me for no apparent reason.So while i dont agree with it , considering your motives , i guess do what works Still not my thing at all .Although i can say this , the 2 guys who seem to agree here , Sapmi and Legend .... Your cold approach will make you shine during the date and basically end of story. Unfortunately like any long distance relationship, things are bound to happen. I don't think out of the 3500 girls I talk to within the last 2 years, there were many like her.