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It was a text-based service, and considered the first viable commercial competition to Compu Serve. GEnie offered games, shopping, mail, and forums (called Round Tables).

The service was created to make use of idle time-sharing mainframes after normal U. There was even a print magazine associated with the service at one time.

IRC was mostly UNIX-based though, limiting access to most people.

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We always aim to deliver our customers with high quality services and designs with their specific business requirement at fair price.If you are serious about your business success, we can get you there.Compu Serve was the first company to incorporate a chat program into their service.Prodigy was responsible for making online service more affordable (Compu Serve had been prohibitively expensive for many, with charges of /hour plug long-distance fees that often made the service run /hour or more).Adult material, virus code, information and instructions for hacking and phreaking (phone hacking), and materials like The Anarchist’s Cookbook were commonly hosted on BBSs.

But BBSs were the first type of sites that allowed users to log on and interact with one another, albeit in a much slower fashion than we currently do.AOL started as an online service too and made great strides at making the Internet more universally accessible in the U. IRC (Internet Relay Chat) was developed in 1988 and used for file sharing, link sharing and otherwise keeping in touch.It was really the father of instant messaging as we know it today.Genie was an early online service created by a General Electric subsidiary (GEIS) in 1985.It ran through 1999 and was one of the earliest services available.They allowed users to create profiles (usually with photos) and to contact other users.