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Manor Farm also has a composting loo, hot shower, wash basins and washing-up sink.The wild camping site is accessed by tarmac track at the outset, and then by farm track thereafter which may not be suitable for low-slung vehicles in poor weather.

The approach is immaculate: the old dry-stone wall has been extended in creamy perfection while the lawn is as closely cropped as a Premier League football pitch.

Neatly turned-out staff linger outside in country-casual cords and checked shirts, to whisk guests from their (Land Rover) cars into the 17th-century farmhouse.

Grace Jones, of Broadway, Worcestershire, marked the milestone with her friends and family at a party in Buckland Manor today. Stay active - "When I was younger I always went to dance school. Enjoy good company - "Just be happy with other friends." Ms Jones has lived all over the UK, including in Derbyshire, Cheshire, Sidmouth, north Wales and the Cotswolds. I'm very sorry for her family." Deirdre Mc Carthy, aged 79, of Winchcombe, Gloucestershire, said her mum is now the sixth oldest person in the country.

Ms Brown, who was born in Liverpool, offered five tips to aspiring supercentenarians. Have a drink - "I recommend anyone to take drop of whiskey in bed with a drop of water." 2. The supercentenarian paid her condolences to the family of Violet Moss Brown, who was the oldest person in the world until her death on Saturday. Speaking about her mother she said: "She's always looking for the action and has always been like this.

Accordingly, tourists arrive from far and wide, in much the same way that you might go in search of baguettes and Breton stripes in France, or conical hats and carrying poles in South-east Asia.

Crowning the Farncombe Estate is Dormy House, a country-house hotel that made its name in the late Seventies and has been studiously (and expensively) retouched for the modern visitor.

Broadway village, the closest to Manor Farm, is well worth a wander too as it's one of the best known in the Cotswolds and like most of the area is mighty pretty too.

Head for the High Street to shop for arts and antiques and to the Ashmolean Museum Broadway in an old Tudor pub; if you're still up for a hike, Broadway Hill is the highest part of the northern Cotswolds and overlooks the village. No refunds/discounts for inclement weather, late arrivals or early departures.

It's fully kitted out and has beds with sprung mattresses, a rattan lounge/dining set, a fully-equipped kitchen with fridge/freezer and electricity throughout.

There's a decked patio with circular wooden outdoor seating: just the ticket for watching spectacular sunsets, tipple in hand, while sorting out the barbecue…

Large tents/caravans: check the restrictions on unit dimensions to ensure your unit is suitable for the space you will be provided with.