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The half-brother of a senior Conservative MP has been urged to come clean about his links to a network of high-profile paedophiles after he was jailed for hundreds of sexual assaults on young boys dating back more than 40 years.

Charles Napier, 67, was a former treasurer of the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) which campaigned to lower the age of consent and linked like-minded abusers in the 1970s and 80s before it was disbanded.

In the second case he was jailed for nine months in 1995.

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If one has never observed married love lasting through good and bad times, how will one be able to live it? That is what the contemporary dating scene, America's excuse for a courtship process, teaches.

Especially if one has spent his or her adolescence learning how to break up. Among some evangelical Protestants, the marriage preparation requirements of the Catholic Church are objects of envy.

Improving the program at the diocesan level is a lengthy process, one generally out of reach of the average priest. After World War II, the nation lived through a time of unprecedented prosperity.

But within the reach of the priest there is a very important contribution that can be made to raising the quality of married life, thereby reducing the divorce rate. One side effect of this prosperity was that compulsory school attendance until high school graduation could be made the norm.

He claimed to have previously had electric-shock therapy to address his behaviour.

Napier was arrested last year following a police investigation sparked by claims by MP Tom Watson about an Establishment ring of child abusers that had links to Downing Street.“As a former officer of the Paedophile Information Exchange he knows a lot more about the activities of the network than he has publicly admitted to,” Mr Watson said.“I doubt he really does have remorse for his crimes but if he does, he can start to put matters right by spilling the beans on his former friends in PIE.He became a senior figure in PIE after leaving the school and had links with Peter Righton, a former social worker and notorious paedophile, whose home was raided in 1992.The raid revealed hardcore child abuse images and years of correspondence between paedophiles around the world.It was reputed to have high-ranking supporters within politics, police and the Church.Napier, whose half-brother is the MP John Whittingdale, was jailed for 13 years yesterday after admitting attacks on 21 boys at a boarding school during two-and-a-half years as a teacher.While the singles group laments that people are not willing to make a commitment, those who are married seem all too familiar with how to break up. Sociologists suggest that the more people grow up observing or living through their parents' divorces, the less able they will be to make a commitment themselves.