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HOOK’D: Brent Corrigan fucks Ian Greene Brent Corrigan takes a look at his phone and notices a particularly hot guy on the grids: Ian Greene.

Ian likes what he sees in Brent’s pics, so they arrange to hook up.

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They move it to the floor where Ian gets on his back and opens his legs wide for JJ to enter him again.

JJ pumps his lover with a steady and measured rhythm until Ian lets loose all over his own muscled up stomach.

TKO TOTAL KNOCKOUTS: Ryan Rose fucks Ian Greene Enter the cage for the ultimate fight: the winner gets to fuck the loser!

Ryan Rose and Ian Greene are the contenders duking it out for sexual glory.

After the interview Ian does a little strip tease for us as he slowly undresses and caresses his hot, tight body.

Rubbing his cock thru his shorts starts to make everything come alive.

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Age (2016): 22 Height: 5’10” Cock Size: 7″ Cut Position: versatile, bottom INTIMATE: JJ Knight fucks Ian Greene Ian Greene and JJ Knight are completely head over heels with each other.

Eager for a taste, Ryan dives into Ian’s ass with his tongue, making sure it’s wet and slippery to take his cock.

Standing over Ian, Ryan fucks Ian like a jackhammer, pile-driving his cock against Ian’s g-spot.

Ryan grabs his meat and shoots his wad across Ian’s face. IAN GREENE BUTT-PLUG SOLO 23 year old Ian Greene is a lean, rock-solid young man who has only been in the adult industry for about a year; but, he’s already made himself quite a name.