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London is located in southeastern England in the United Kingdom.

With the ascent of Queen Elizabeth I to the throne, London grew to become the focus of international attention.

The Royal Exchange was established and by 1600, the East India Company was formed.

London boasts the highest GDP of any European city, and over 65% of Fortune’s Global 500 companies are headquartered there.

Tourism in London, which brings in over 14.7 million international visitors, is an unparalleled industry.

Oyster Card : While in London, an easy way to pay for travel by bus and tube is the handy Oyster Card.

Travelers can purchase an Oyster card and charge it up with a fixed sum.

London Metropolitan Region, however, covers the entire commuter belt and Greater London.

When in London, you’re likely to find people checking the weather, but carrying umbrellas and sunglasses regardless of what the weatherman forecast.

The Norman Conquest in the early second century left a legacy of growth and development.

In 1190, London elected its first mayor, Henry Fitz Aylwin.

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