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But did you know that the amount of water required to grow a single serving of almonds using conventional methods closely rivals that of a hamburger...12/23/2015 - A lot of people are under the mistaken impression that not eating meat is good for the environment.

Dolly the sheep instantly made headline news, opening up a new frontier in genetic research.

Replicating mammalian life in this way opened up new business avenues for the mass production...8/20/2016 - Charles R.

It is considered a shame for a whistleblower to tell the truth about any industry, especially when the truth could...11/11/2015 - Do you think you can trust that ingredients label on your hot dogs or other foods?

A recent test by Clear Food, which uses DNA analysis to independently evaluate the actual content of foods, indicates that labels can be deceiving.

Most people who are not already vegetarians or vegans have NO CLUE how a plant-based diet could possibly meet human nutritional needs and offer the complete "profile"...5/17/2016 - According to a recent report by CBS New York, NFL player Duane Brown managed to have a suspension overturned by proving that he had eaten contaminated meat while in Mexico.

Brown still had his receipts from various eateries in the country, and these were provided as evidence of why the player tested...5/13/2016 - High-fat, high-protein, low-carb diets are currently in vogue with millions of Americans who are making the switch from "cheap" calories in an attempt to shed the pounds and increase their quality of life.Is it all just another trendy weight-loss fad, or is there merit in avoiding carbs from the perspective...5/11/2016 - Avoiding chemical-loaded processed meats can be one of the most important dietary staples in terms of maintaining long-term good health.Most commercially processed meats, including beef, chicken, pork and turkey, contain countless adulterations, making regular consumption extremely risky for your health.grade F "stuff." In order to counter rumors that...10/4/2016 - Sugar and red meat are two food products that have had a stranglehold on the processed food industry.They are both very enjoyable (to the majority of the people, save the vegans and diabetics), and to some extent, addictive.K., seems to think that the answer to this question is yes, though he admits that the science...11/15/2016 - The National Football League (NFL) and the NFL Players Association recently sent a letter warning NFL players that consuming meat while traveling in Mexico or China could cause them to test positive for performance enhancing drugs.