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To receive FEMA approval of an enhanced plan, a state must demonstrate that it has developed a comprehensive mitigation program and is capable of managing increased funding to achieve its mitigation goals.As of October 1, 2017, states with enhanced mitigation plans include: The Sandy Recovery Improvement Act of 2013 amended the Stafford Act and provided FEMA with authority to implement provisions of the Program Administration by States (PAS) as a pilot program.

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Such communities benefit from hazard mitigation planning through understanding of natural hazards, development of mitigation strategies, and eligibility for certain non-emergency FEMA grants.

The national status map below, shows local jurisdictions with approved plans (green), approvable-pending-adoption (APA) plans (light green), plans that will expire within 90 days (yellow), and expired plans (red).

How Calculated Project bases the content of the Status Indicator field on the results in the Status field.

If the task is complete, then the Status Indicator contains a check mark.

You add the Status Indicator field to the Gantt Chart view.

By examining the indicators, you see that 25 tasks are completed, 50 tasks are still in the future, 20 tasks are currently on time, and 5 tasks are late.

In 2017, FEMA released updated guidance titled “Addendum to the Hazard Mitigation Assistance Unified Guidance Program Administration by States Pilot, Hazard Mitigation Grant Program For States, Tribes, and Territories” (October 2017) for states, and tribal governments that choose to be a recipient, to apply for PAS delegations for any major disaster or emergency declared on/after January 29, 2013.

I have issues where the configuration manager CAS server is showing the clients as "Pending System Restart".

Data Type Indicator Entry Type Calculated Description The Status Indicator field displays an icon which represents the current status of a task.

There are indicators to specify that a task is Complete, On Schedule, Late, or a Future Task.

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