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Sterling: I actually met Demi at the audition for the pilot of “Sonny with a Chance,” which is interesting given the fact that we’re both from Texas; she’s from Dallas, I’m from Houston.But we actually met in the audition in front of all of the producers and writers and all the scary people in suits.I think, actually, our first meeting or second meeting is online on You Tube in my audition video.

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Sterling Knight visited with us and some other media outlets on Thursday (January 20, 2014) about working on ABC Family’s “Melissa & Joey,” working with Taylor Spreitler (picture above from new episode) and more!Take a peek at the interview: Q: How did you meet Demi Lovato?But it’s really difficult; that’s something that I have trouble with. Melissa has out-of-context quotes that are just so left field and they’re hilarious, but Joey has better rant comedy.I don’t know, everybody on that show is capable of making me laugh, so it’s hard. If he gets really worked up about something he’ll take a good two minutes and just kind of let loose on a topic, and that’s hilarious.Everybody has their own kind of style, but I don’t know, Joey probably makes me laugh more than anybody.

Q: What’s your most and least favorite thing about your character, Zander?So it’s been really exciting to finally get to work with somebody that I’ve known for so long.We have a really great relationship, both personally and professionally.I have to hold the pencil like an artist would, and I feel useless every time.Every time they hand me the sketchpad I’m like, “I don’t know what to do.” Q: What is your favorite character you’ve gotten to play in your career?Obviously because I’m there, I think the writing’s gotten a lot better [laughs].