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The actor at work, finding his way into a role.***When he was 21, Molison started digging into his background. Because making a noise really doesn’t get you anywhere a lot of the time. And they don’t have to audition as much to make as much.” He laughs.“So, I thought, I’m gonna drop some weight and try to break away. I took one recently on a show, with Anthony Hopkins. Being an actor allows you to fulfill a lot of things.The birth of his own child had made him curious about who he was, where he came from.“It’s funny. I took a one-liner because it was opposite Anthony Hopkins. If I’m gonna be begging for change I’d rather be begging for change with him. It allows you to live a full life, to hit every emotion there is. But what is rich unless you’ve felt poor, know what I mean?But now his team has become victims to fallen Genghis Khan warriors from an ancient time. If you did, you must be one of the many who want to pawn this movie off on Amazon.

If you want tall, dark Canadian eye-candy (who, ironically, does the best, if not ONLY, acting in the entire flick), put it in the player, set to "repeat", and back over the remote.The soul of a brother cries outcalling to a cave of demon Mongol warriors.Nobody wants to be hurt, but what is joy without pain?Haunted by the fact that he left a man behind in Afghanistan, an ex Navy SEAL puts together a special task force to endure one last mission to save his comrade. Zero stars for the flick, five stars for the "scenery", five stars for said scenery's heroic attempt to carry the whole freakin' show (while not disolving into paroxysms of laughter that his character's biggest problem isn't Bin Ladin, hostile locals, or poppy farmers upset that the damn Americans just stomped through their crops again and are even now dipping pitchforks in camel dung to go skewer the interlopers, but the ghost of GHENGIS KHAN seems to have severe P. Long story short - after 13 minutes, you'll be glad you didn't buy this garbage. Five stars for that lovely creature's mere appearance and dogged attempt to carry the whole damn movie. If this is how "Real" Navy SEALS fight, we're screwed! Send hearty "Thank You" notes to whichever awake-at-the-switch person that cast the only actual talent (and isn't even LISTED in the "Who's in this thing, anyway? Someone mentioned an ex-Navy SEAL did the fight sequences?

Steve Bacic is a very beautiful and talented human being. Don't waste your time sending e-mails or letters to the scriptwriter/studio/FX folks/"fight choreographers"(a claim which takes a big, clangy pair o'brass ones to even MAKE. plotted films, try watching it again after a water tumbler full of ouzo, it'll improve. Michael Madsen in his usual stereotype tough-guy movie.

Elle-Maija Tailfeather's movie "A Red Girl's Reasoning" was nominated at the American Indian Film Institute in San Francisco for "Best Live Short 2012" and had the honor of headlining the marquee! "A Red Girl's Reasoning" won "Best Canadian Short Drama" this 2012 at the imagine NATIVE Film Festival at the TIFF Lightbox theatre!

Congrats to everyone who was a part of this project!

So are Michaelangelo's statues, but they can't act. This guy's gotta be the most underrated actor in North America), and if so inclined, a congratulatory note to his Signifigant Other on making such a talented and attractive catch. They obviously didn't hire enough Asian actors, so they had a bunch of lilly white guys trying to look like Mongols. You can always tell when they story line and acting is going to stink within the first few minutes; this movie doesn't fail in that department.

" category): The exceptionally versatile Steve Bacic (Yes, I already said he's easy to look at. Not the firefight sequences, which were amateurish at "worst." The opening scenes of the Ghenghis Khan crap was hilarious.

What was a rich warlord's extraction becomes the death of all buta few.