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One of the hardest things to deal with for women divorcing is the loneliness that can accompany the process.

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Remember that results of studies are always averages, and do not capture the experiences of everyone.

My conclusions should be considered suggestive rather than definitive.

He was at work, and I had sent him a couple of texts, didn't hear back so I assumed he was busy as he works as a waiter.

I went grocery shopping and decided to go over to his wor... I have been desperate to find something to help me deal with the confusion my head feels. I use to find movies of porn and asked my husband about it and hed say they werent...

There is no such up-to-date review, and even if there was, it would have problems, because many of the studies are deeply flawed.

What I offer here is just a sample of what some of the research shows.

Finding a group of women who are going through divorce, or who have gone through it in the past, can be a great comfort to those women who do not have anyone else to talk to.

Some women going through divorce also prefer to speak to other people who are not intimately involved with the situation.

Unless the group is specifically geared toward a certain stage of divorce, there is a good chance that the women in attendance will be involved in various stages of divorce.

Some of the women may be in the beginning stages of divorce while other women will be years past the divorce finalization yet will still feel compelled to talk about it.

Women who are actively involved in a counseling relationship with a licensed mental health provider can find out about local divorce support groups through their therapists.