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On the Hoher Markt is the Ankeruhr, an art nouveau jewel.

"I went on the Greek island hopping tour with Nicole in 2015 and she was amazing.Even after a brutally long week and a half of her organizing everything for us and getting up many hours before us, she managed to stay out with us every night and keep a smile on.The Dorotheum auction house is only a few steps away, and OPEC, OSCE, or the Constitutional Court can be reached quickly.No matter what the reason is for your visit to Vienna: Das Tigra is your hotel of choice where you can make the best use of your time.The square on Am Hof with the Kohlmarkt is one of the finest shopping streets in the city.

Even during the time of Vindobona, a Roman military camp, trade and commerce were conducted here.The first thing you see on the right-hand side as soon as you step out onto the street is the "Hohe Brücke", a beautiful art nouveau bridge designed by Otto Wagner, who established and characterized art nouveau in Vienna.If you continue, you will come to the Gothic church Maria am Gestade.Only the name remained from the former main product of trade: the Kohlenmarkt ("coal market") that was once a site of trade for charcoal merchants has now become the Kohlmarkt with all kinds of luxurious commodities.Another gem is the Tuchlauben, where you will find chic and sophisticated shops.Or it could be that people merely linger in Vienna's oldest church, St.