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The two must have really hit it off at that pre-Grammy party a few months ago, because they were seen chatting it up at the bowling alley and even hugging.

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has the actual chronology breakdown, plus the secret message is TAY. "Speak Now" Here, Swift imagines barging in on the wedding of an ex-boyfriend to break things up before it's too late. (But only the ones who are, you know, mean.) With lines like “drunk and rambling on about how I can't sing,” it's safe to assume "Mean" stems directly from the post–Stevie Nicks backlash. "The Story of Us" Swift on “Us”: “I was at an awards show, and there was a guy there, obviously — it all starts there, doesn't it? "Enchanted" Another early love song, again too generically detailed (“it was enchanting to meet you”) to guess as to its subject. There's also a part where she sings “I've had the time of my life fighting dragons with you,” and we're going to choose to take that literally.

Seeing as neither Joe Jonas, John Mayer, Taylor Lautner, Cory Monteith, nor Lucas Till have gotten married, we'll assume this one's also about some anonymous, non-famous guy Swift dated. " The reasonable assumption was that this one was about Lautner, too, but the secret booklet message is CMT AWARDS, and as best as we can tell, Lautner wasn't at the CMT Awards this year. The secret message is ADAM, and Willman thinks it's about Owl City singer Adam Young, but the evidence there is scant. And while we're on the subject: It's pretty clear that, while apologetic, 'Ye thinks Beyoncé should have won the award (as he said last week: “I didn't want to let them say that the aliens built the pyramids”), and that's awesome. "Haunted" The booklet message, STILL TO THIS DAY, suggests it's a past romance.

star Cory Monteith dating has been going around for months now, and, sorry guys, talking about it more isn't making the chances of it happening increase. Think about it."The rumors ran wild starting when these two were spotted out at a friendly game of bowling together, so it's really their mistake.

Cory sat down with Ellen De Generes this week and once again said the two are "just friends." Case closed! Cardinal rule of celebritydom: Never be seen out in public with a member of the opposite sex unless you're actually dating.

Of course, her mom was there, as was his publicist and her publicist.

Taylor and Mayer were rumored to be somewhat hot and heavy pre- interview, and many of us hoped that Swifty would kick his racist, sexist, homophobic douche ass to the curb. Meanwhile, if Cory wasn’t enough cover for Swifty, she went out to lunch with her ex-boyfriend Taylor Lautner yesterday (photos here).With a lot of help from the rest of the Internet, here's Vulture's guide to who each song on the Taylor Swift album is most likely about. Swift's current boyfriend is Toby Hemingway, star of the “Mine” video.So is that maybe a hint the subject of “Mine” is fellow music-video-star Till?A source said: "Taylor and Cory definitely looked close -- they spent most of the night chatting together and had a long hug before saying goodbye -- but their separate exits seemed quite deliberate so people wouldn't think they were an item."Taylor was first romantically linked to Cory after the Grammy Awards last month, but the two insisted they were definitely NOT dating.Still, it's been claimed she's just trying to keep her new relationship under wraps to keep her protective mom from finding out.And is starring in a Taylor Swift music video the easiest way to date her? "Sparks Fly" A narrative of a dramatic bit of falling in love (“drop everything now / meet me in the pouring rain,” etc.), but there are no signifiers to suggest it's about any of her famous paramours.