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I agree with it, but I do have an opinion to add to it.): I understand that guys (and even girls!) both have things in their pasts that they are not proud of or wish they either haven't done/hope their partners won't know about. A relationship is about accepting all parts of this person.

But if I were you, I would stop feeling bad and start asking some questions about what you want in a relationship and whether you want to be in one with someone who doesn't act like he wants to be in one. I'm not saying he has incriminating pictures of naked girls. And when I say "everything else," I mean things like Instagram. Make sure you don't waste tears on someone who isn't fully present in your relationship.

You say that you "don't have the luxury" of having an amazing boyfriend who has all the qualities you want. x As a guy, I would like to open up on why some guys do not want their GF or wife to know their social network accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram There are times before a guy met their GF or wife, they had done something stupid or met someone else who they are afraid that if their GF or wife knows about it, it would jeopardized their relationship or marriage.

Dear Natalise, I'm having some insecurity issues because of my boyfriend's behavior. When we first met, of course, we were in a honeymoon period.

Anyway we've had our issues, as any relationship does, but he seems to be very individualistic when it comes to things like Instagram and stuff.

I understand men like to be men, but I see a lot of men who are happy to show off their ladies with pics together. Little more info: we practically live together, so maybe I am being totally silly by being insecure about this. Insecure and Wondering Dear Insecure and Wondering, Wait. So you are saying that you have a boyfriend who practically lives with you, but who is intentionally hiding his Instagram page from you? If he does, it's clearly inappropriate, but not your biggest problem.

(I'm rolling my eyes)Yes, you have a right to be feeling insecure. The bigger problem stems from the fact that he's hiding something as petty as an Instagram profile from his own girlfriend, with whom he lives. What I want for you (and for all the other girls who are reading this, too) is to have a guy who is completely open with you about his life, in all aspects, AND who is looking at you as someone he holds as a priority, a priority that is so important that everything else seems pretty minuscule in comparison. Listen to Cassadee Pope's new single "Wasting All These Tears" (live).Years later, he met someone wonderful but things had gone bad after his wife found out the things that he had done during his single days from his social networks account. There are times as well when guys do not want their GF or wife to know their social network because friends (both male and females friends) might post things about his past relationship or pics of him with his past Gfs.some women do feel upset upon seeing those pics or postings and it is quite normal for a guy who afraid to lose someone they truly loves thru those pics or postings.reality is some women does that as well..letting their man knows their social network accounts thru the same reasons.Personally, I do not hide that not unless if I know the girl have this habit of using my social network accounts to investigate my past life instead on going asking me what she wants to know. ;)To Brenden (whom I think wrote a very good comment!Please do not mistaken my above post as "i am a guy so I am defending the guys" thing.