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The first chapter states briefly what every intelligent reader ought to know of the British Indian Empire, its name, extent, and magnitude compared with Europe j its growth since 1600 and especially 1765, and present administrative system ; statistics of its 1 2 Provinces and of the 153 Ruling States grouped together; its imperial surveys and land tenures, taxation, debt, and new muni- cipal organisation.

The larger, which are under the direct political influence of the Viceroy and Govemor-Gieneral in Council, are described separately under *Baroda, 'I^jpootana and 'Central India, "Haidarabad and 'Mysore. In every case, the Riding Native State, which enjoys the Viceroy's Sannad or Patent of Adoption, first granted by Lord Canning on the 17th March 1662, is marked by an asterisk, as well as the small Portnguese and French settlements, and the protected frontier kingdoms. Since that time, the Census of 1881 ; the completion of the century's Trigonometrical Survey of India ; the publica- tion of General Walker's finished Maps of India and of Toorkestan and the countries between the British and the Russian dominions in Asia, on the scale of 32 miles to the inch ; and the publication of many more volumes of the able Provincial Gazetteers, and of the noble quarto of Messrs. Bernard, Chief Commissioner of British Burma ; and of the Honourable A. Ferguason and Burgess on The Cave Temples of India, have rendered it possible and desirable tor me to write the Political Geography, which forms the bulk of this volume. Mackenzie, his suc- cessor as Home Secretary to the Government pf India. Usage guidelines Google is proud to partner with libraries to digitize public domain materials and make them widely accessible.

Public domain books belong to the public and we are merely their custodians. This will be found chiefly in Rashmeer, Balooch- istan, the Panjab frontier, and Haidarabad State, The plan of the Manual is this — Book L, or four-fifths of the whole volume, deals with the Political Geography of British India in detail, and with that of the colonies and countries within its political system more briefly : Book IL summarises the latest results of the Geological and Meteorological Surveys ; the diamond, gold, and coal treasures are carefully described. Till the publication of the Census Reports, some time hence, the latest data for the Ethnology will be wanting. The detailed figures, in districts and towns, are given in the case of nearly all the Provinces and States. It was not thought desirable to delay the appearance of the book for another year, when the details of the North- Western and Madras Provinces, and of Mysore and some of the Native States, may be expected. S., had followed up his authoritsr tive Itidian Meteorologist's Vade Mecam, by further Memoirs and Reports. An Appendix gives the Bibliography of the subject, or a list of the best authorities, ancient, mediseval, and modem, which have been consulted or should be referred to fey the reader who seeks fuller information.