Ukraine dating scam list

Their phone number and passport details were incorrect. This agency is dishonest and we will not work with them any longer.They are a scam The manager of this agency would often login as one of his ladies and write letters on her behalf or participate in text chats without the ladies knowledge.We want men to use this site and feel assured that we will support them and investigate anything that they see as unusual or suspicious.

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This agency steals profiles from Russian social sites and lists them as their own ladies.

An ex employee of the agency confirmed to us that she was hired as a translators to write letters for fictional ladies This agency had many ladies that had false details.

I reported this agency the relevant authorities This agency paid ladies for profiles and photos and wrote to men rather than the ladies writing to men.

We did not check every lady but had confirmation from a few ladies that they had been paid to register but were not actively writing to men.

This was to scam men into chatting more often and sending more letters.

We contacted the ladies and many of them were unaware that men were writing to them.This is a lie - she will not be emigrating anywhere.She is a scammer and she is not welcome on our site This lady joined the site and immediately sent out sexually explicit messages to men, prompting many complaints.The ladies did not turn up to the scheduled meetings.The agency manager said that the man changed his mind about the meetings.Any agencies or ladies that are proven to be using the site for eliciting money rather than supporting the building of relationships will be removed from the list of working agencies and will have their profile listed on this page.