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The recently published Rule (Wassenaar Arrangement 2015 Plenary Agreements Implementation, Removal of Foreign National Review Requirements, and Information Security Updates) has made changes to the EAR including to Category 5 Part 2 (C5P2).

The following is a list of updates made to C5P2 and the License Exceptions that apply to C5P2.

This enhanced security adds some delay only to the opening of encrypted partitions without any performance impact to the application use phase.

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Vera Crypt is a free disk encryption software brought to you by IDRIX (https:// and that is based on True Crypt 7.1a.Windows / Mac OSX / Linux / Free BSD / Raspbian / Source Downloads Online Documentation (click here for latest User Guide CHM) Release Notes / Changelog Frequently Asked Question Android & i OS Support Contributed Resources & Downloads (Tutorials, PPA, ARM, Raspberry Pi...) Warrant Canary Contact US Vera Crypt adds enhanced security to the algorithms used for system and partitions encryption making it immune to new developments in brute-force attacks.Due to new signature verification requirements introduced with Windows 10 Anniversary (Version 1607, Build 14393, Redstone1), HP Drive Encryption (HPDE) is not compatible.Installing HPDE after performing a new installation of Windows 10 Anniversary Update causes various serious problems to occur.A Facebook spokesperson tells WIRED the company just finished rolling out "Secret Conversations" to all 900 million Facebook Messenger users in the past few weeks.

The opt-in feature allows users to encrypt their messages so that no one can read them except the two people on either end of a conversation—not even Facebook or law enforcement or intelligence agencies.

It also offers the possibility to convert True Crypt containers and non-system partitions to Vera Crypt format. It fixes many regressions found in version 1.20 and it brings Free BSD support. Please check the release notes for the complete list of fixes. It brings bug fixes, performance enhancements and new features.

It is also the first version to include local HTML documentation instead of the usual User Guide PDF.

The feature also allows senders to choose a Snapchat-style expiration time for messages, ranging from five seconds to one day.

Only users who have updated the app can send or receive encrypted, time-sensitive messages, so be sure to update now.

Facebook Messenger's new layer of encryption has to be enabled manually for every conversation, rather than being switched on by default, as it is in the Signal app or in Whats App.