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Due to the 680's 2GB file size limit, the clone method is not for the nuvi 680 since the full North America map is greater than 2GB.

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I see where I could do an OSM map for free, but I haven't tried that yet either, maybe that might be another option possibly? You can wait until the addon lifetime map update drops to the -50 range, then you can do for for the 680 like you are doing for the 200. There is a way to get the entire Garmin map working with your 680 but it involves some extra work.is there any way to update the 680 to hold all of the current 2017.20 map? Another question is whether it's worth doing since with a bit of searching and waiting, you may well find a refurbished newer devices with lifetime map updates for about the same price as the map update (One Time or lifetime numaps) for the 680.there's probably cheaper ways to get a GPS, but I like to tinker Good work."Worth" is a relative term so as long as you're happy, all is well.Regarding battery replacements, look for a combo battery/tools package unless you already have the Torx driver and a hard plastic pry bar.

Here's one source that I've bought from before with good results: We believe that our combination of price, knowledge and customer service is the best that you will find anywhere.I just bought a NUVI 680 NA off ebay with City Navigator north America 2010.40 in it.The trick is to fully discharge the battery and then charge it well beyond the recommended charge time.A dozen or more cycles is often required for the best results.what would be a nice "fairly new" GPS to buy that would be inexpensive? other then my 60csx the only car GPS's I've ever had is the NUVI's, I like Garmin, maybe it's time to step away from the NUVI line and try something different?