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The default option, "Let users choose..." uses the current user's setting, which by default displays an update prompt each time you open the workbook.

Close all open dialog boxes and select a linked cell to verify that its formula points to the updated source workbook.

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In Microsoft Excel 2010, I have created a hyperlink from one worksheet to another within the same file.But when the linked worksheet is pulled up, I want to populate the designated field with some text.Name = "Hyperlinks" Then If GSource Cell = "A3" Then Sheets("Destination"). Value = "Hyperlinked from cell A3" Else If GSource Cell = "A6" Then Sheets("Destination"). Value = "Hyperlinked from cell A6" Else If GSource Cell = "A9" Then Sheets("Destination"). Value = "Hyperlinked from cell A9" Else Sheets("Destination"). Value = "" End If End If End Sub Private Sub Workbook_Sheet Selection Change(By Val Sh As Object, By Val Target As Range) If Sh.Name = "Hyperlinks" Then 'Capture last active cell on Hyperlinks worksheet and store in global variable GSource Cell = Target.Roughly 100 template documents (doc, xls, mpp etc.) which are saved on a shared drive are linked in this file.

Those are filled with project specific information over time, so that after the information is entered it is no longer a template, but a file with data.This will help us a lot and will save a big chunk of time. Cheers, Felix Hello All, I know that this post is a few years old but I am looking for a solution to a similar issue. One of the worksheets compares the prior years budget (broken down by weeks), this is compared to the current year-current week budget.Every year the folder paths have to be manually updated (cell by cell) to the prior years folders.How can I update all saved hyperlinks in the xls file from the old folder name to the new one without touching every single hyperlink manually?In other words replace Template_Project in all hyperlinks with Project_3: Did you, dear Mr.The text will change depending on the hyperlink selected, but all the links will connect to the same worksheet and the same field. Yes, this can be done by utilizing macros on two Excel workbook "events". Download Excel spreadsheet (as demonstrated below) In our spreadsheet, there are two sheets called Hyperlinks and Destination.