Updating mdt out of box drivers

MDT01 and PC0005 are members of the domain for the fictitious Contoso Corporation. These steps will show you how to configure an Active Directory account with the permissions required to deploy a Windows 10 machine to the domain using MDT.

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When adding a custom image, you still need to copy setup files (an option in the wizard) because Windows 10 stores additional components in the Sources\Sx S folder which is outside the image and may be required when installing components.

In these steps, we assume that you have completed the steps in the Create a Windows 10 reference image topic, so you have a Windows 10 reference image in the E:\MDTBuild Lab\Captures folder on MDT01. When you configure your MDT Build Lab deployment share, you will also add any applications to the new deployment share before creating your task sequence.

In these steps, we assume you have downloaded PROWinx64from and saved it to a temporary folder.

For the Lenovo T420 model, you use the Lenovo Think Vantage Update Retriever software to download the drivers.

For the purposes of this topic, we will use three machines: DC01, MDT01, and PC0005.

DC01 is a domain controller, MDT01 is a Windows Server 2012 R2 standard server, and PC0005 is a blank machine to which you deploy Windows 10.

In order to deploy Windows 10 with MDT successfully, you need drivers for the boot images and for the actual operating system.

This section will show you how to add drivers for the boot image and operating system, using the following hardware models as examples: Note You should only add drivers to the Windows PE images if the default drivers don't work.

When you import drivers to the MDT driver repository, MDT creates a single instance folder structure based on driver class names.

However, you can, and should, mimic the driver structure of your driver source repository in the Deployment Workbench.

Separating the processes of creating reference images from the processes used to deploy them in production allows greater control of on both processes.