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The keys are wide and responsive, with excellent travel that return to position instantly.

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There are modern touches here, though: the symmetrical speaker and microphone grills on the bottom are flanked by a USB-C port, while the sizeable (and distracting, to be honest) front-facing camera sits next to etched holes and a duo of sensors brace against a large 4.5-inch LCD screen.

Back in 2014, when the Passport was released, I remember wondering how Black Berry would eventually release an Android phone given that its keyboard takes up so much vertical space. The screen is really good — surprisingly good — though not quite as bright as I'd like (though, really, coming from a Galaxy S8, it's not really a fair comparison).

As he's writing this, a mountain of old Android phones is about to fall on his head, but his Great Dane will protect him. With that it succeeds, but falls down in a couple notable areas along the way.

He drinks way too much coffee and sleeps too little. The KEYone is the best phone for those upgrading from Black Berry 10, or are holding onto a Priv.

Verizon Wireless may finally have both the Black Berry Q10 and Z10 on its shelves, but the big red carrier is also still offering the Black Berry 7.1-powered Bold 9930 as well.

Verizon has shown this weekend that it's still committed to supporting the Bold 9930 and its owners as well, as the operator has announced a new software update for the QWERTY-clad device.Let's talk about the keyboard, because in all likelihood it's a big reason you're considering the phone at all.It's good, probably 90% as good as the one on the Black Berry Classic, and certainly the best on any modern phone.There's been no official word from Verizon about this update's rollout, but it sounds like some Bold 9930 users have already begun receiving it.If you're rocking a Verizon-branded 9930 and haven't yet been bumped up to OS, you can check for the update on your device by going into Options Software Updates, by plugging your phone into your computer and pointing your web browser at or by running the Black Berry Desktop Manager software.Speaking of that fingerprint sensor, it's seamlessly integrated into the keyboard's space bar, and my goodness is it awesome.