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To change the contract number for author A109 to 999, use the statement below.

Notice that the WHERE clause identifies which row will be updated with Oracle UPDATE SQL.

Hello Manoj, I need to update a complete row without any duplication of data.

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When specifying the table or view, be sure to qualify the name with the schema, database, and server names, as necessary.

After I specify the table, I define the SET clause.

In most cases, the clause will include one or more column/value pairs defined according to the following syntax: The SET clause can also specify more than one column/value set.

If you include multiple sets, you simply separate the sets with commas.

In most cases, when using Transact-SQL to modify data in a SQL Server database, you issue an UPDATE statement that changes specific values.

You can issue an UPDATE statement against a table or updateable view, as long as the statement modifies data in only one base table at a time.I also provide examples that demonstrate how the various clauses work.I created the examples in the Adventure Works2008 database on a local instance of SQL Server 2008.By using an UPDATE statement, you can modify data in individual rows, sets of rows, or all rows in a table.An UPDATE statement must always include a SET clause, which identifies the columns to be updated.The following table shows the results returned by the SELECT statement after I update the three columns: As you can see, updating column values is a very straightforward process when using an UPDATE statement.