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It is a trial-period to determine the market appetite and viability for this type of visitor experience attraction.

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While fortitude and temperance are self-regarding virtues, justice has reference to others.Together with charity it regulates man's intercourse with his fellow men.“The application seeks permission for change of use to allow guided studio tours of the Victoria set to paying members of the public alongside the continued use of the site for its consented film-making use.The application is for a temporary period of only three to four months.For, at least if we confine our attention to natural law and ordinary circumstances, the assistance to which a man in need has a claim does not belong to him in justice before it is handed over to him, when it becomes his.

His claim to it rests on the fact that he is a brother in distress, and his brotherhood constitutes his title to our pity, sympathy, and help.

Ownership is the moral faculty of using something subordinate to us for our own advantage. He may live in it, or let it, or leave it unoccupied, or pull it down, or sell it; he may make changes in it, and in general he may deal with it as he likes, because it is his.

Because it is his, he has a right to all the uses and advantages which it possesses.

Kevin Smith, group attractions director for Continuum, said: “What’s more entertaining than being transported back into history and being right there with young Queen Victoria, Lord Melvin and all the other super compelling characters.

“Well maybe a 1½ hour tour of those recreated sets with guided interpretation that immerses you in to this fascinating world of TV production in one of the world’s largest sets recreating awe inspiring rooms of Buckingham Palace.” A decision on the plans is due in November.

If it be a moral and lawful faculty of doing something for the benefit of others, it belongs to the class of rights of jurisdiction.