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For example you can use the APIs to manage user permission and tokens, manage sessions and settings.

Switch RTC is very simple use, customize and get started with.

The Switch RTC media server supports a pretty large scale of multiparty video (all sending and receiving) and is able to split a single session between few media servers.

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The result of a partnership with Dutch startup,, Rounds' new co-browsing feature synchronizes the touchscreen activity between users while web surfing during mobile video chatting.Rounds users can now navigate the same webpage at the same time with their friends, with both of them able to control the experience – including clicking links and typing in new URLs.Rounds is bringing all these activities inside video communication for the first time."The feature is an "open URL" experience, meaning users are not restricted to which sites they visit when co-browsing during video conversations.The co-browsing experience is now compatible with Google Search, Wikipedia, Preen.The Media Server is at the heart of the SFU as it is responsible for the heavy lifting of receiving media streams and deciding dynamically what to forward to which user.

This function gets complex when handling load, supporting simulcast, sending different streams to each user and managing different network conditions of each user.

Me, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, Amazon, e Bay, ESPN, The Huffington Post, wanelo, Imgur and The Fancy.

Security-wise, the experience resembles two friends surfing the web together on one computer in the same location.

As part of our daily gymnastic we always dedicate time and effort to learn and work with cutting edge technology.

In Web we’ve been using Switch RTC which is a Web RTC based Selective Forwarding Unit (SFU) that runs on Amazon AWS or other cloud public or private environments.

Users see each other's live video streams in thumbnail form during co-browsing, allowing their live reactions to add a feeling of togetherness."Adding co-browsing to Rounds fits with our vision for giving friends an online hangout experiences as true as real life," said Rounds CEO and co-founder Dany Fishel.