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Whatever you put out, they want to see something ill. Okay Okay, instead we are going to play a game called Kiss, Marry, Diss.

We all come here with lessons that we have to learn, and those relationships provided me with lessons that got me where I am right now. It's Tuesday February 14th Valentines day and Essence Live starts now. My favorite performance of the night was Chance the Rapper. [LAUGH] So let's see what people are saying on social. And the votes are starting to trickle in for the poll. Mine would not be complete without a Jodeci [INAUDIBLE].

Where do you see your career going five years from now or ten years from now? I thank God for these gifts and I just wanna keep on. Thank you, I just wanna keep on growing them and developing them and just actually just be free, not afraid to just.

And we have VH1 to thank for another one called Tremaine the Playboy. [MUSIC] The twins come at me on some crazy, [BLEEP] But you not gonna do nothing, do something. In a recent Q&A at the 2017 City Summit and Gallant, Los Angeles, the actress admitted to feeling guilt about her relationships not working out. And for applauding Beyonce's music for what it did for her Black friends. Butler wrote on, So you're mad at Adele for not being a grad school perfect intersectionalist woman? Do you think Adele was sincere in her Grammy comments about Beyonce? Hi everybody, I'm Charli Penn, senior lifestyle editor for And you know what if no one has told you today I just wanted to say that we do love you. And also Adele shouting her out on her speech and playfully talking about sharing her award with her.

Saying that she is quote anti-fairytales, when it comes to love now. Sydney Portis wrote on Facebook, I wonder if Beyonce would have done the same thing had she won that Grammy. Here's an idea, why not graciously appreciate her comments in the spirit in which they were intended? Amber Peddy wrote, Beyonce is not a representative of all women. Adele knows this and paid homage to what Beyonce represents for her culture. send in your votes now because we are taking your comments next. So today's viewer poll is this: Do you think Adele was sincere in her comments about Beyonce at the Grammy's?

I feel like I would have to go with Laila, cuz she'd beat me up otherwise.

Okay, so one more round if you can hang in there with us.

Nancy [UNKNOWN] says it seems a little bit over the top. And I've had more of my fans thank me being open about certain things than people bash me for being open about I'm one of them fans. Those things were accidental, you know what I mean? Those were just, wow, I'm so happy to be in this relationship.