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Whether you're sending it out to someone or just keeping it stored on your phone, the fact of the matter is, that picture could easily get in the hands of someone who doesn't have the best intention…It's time for me to be honest.

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don’t want to think about that night or the next morning. I was one part sad, one part angry, and one part afraid. I couldn’t lose my shit: we worked in the same office. Friends told me I should’ve been harsher, cutting him out of my life. I can still feel myself giggling against his beard. I would no longer be a woman in the office, but a woman who was sexualized. Who would take me seriously if they could imagine me in someone’s bed? But I wouldn’t sleep with him or try to make plans. But they didn’t sit with the fear of dozens of eyes imagining me naked on another’s bed. His profile suggested that we had the same taste in Netflix series and dog breeds, grew up in neighboring hometowns, and both owned pop-up editions of…Does your online dating experience feel like you are swiping through the dregs of society who have been left behind by cuffing season?Well, wait a little bit longer before deactivating the app. We aren’t dating, but it doesn’t feel like friendship. I don’t know how to explain why I need a long time, he just wasn’t on my radar. Instead of being conventionally polite, he just looked at me, waiting for my there, it was a slow boil, as he melted my resistance away. We are close because we can’t forget our intimacies.

New to a city and to a job, my body was trying to feel some kind of connection, even just skin on skin. Then, we were both going to the same free music show. He asked about me, without letting his eyes fall away, as he waited for a reply.

You're giving dating apps a reputation as a playground for sleazeballs, flakes, and bores.

Or maybe it’s that I’m willing to blow off others just to get coffee with him. He bought me ice cream at Union Square because I’d had a shitty day.

He was cool and fun and sexy, an older frat guy who was good at beer pong and knew exactly how to make me laugh.

Within weeks of our first meeting, he became my official boyfriend…Taking a nude picture of yourself is always a risk.

He was dedicated, almost worried, about my pleasure. I didn’t have to hide my tears.ooking back, we kept having and avoiding the same conversation. I did what I always do: I smiled and pretended to be fine. Worse, I couldn’t explain the thrill of every time he reached out, still needing me.