advice on dating married men What the quran says about dating

but if he really prefers it, how should he approach this matter on appearance?

As far as appearance, you can see the hands (up to the wrist) and face.

Well is holding hands, kissing, sleeping together etc going to tell you whether or not someone is the right person to spend the rest of your life with?

Ask him and He will inform you somehow, insha Allah Well is holding hands, kissing, sleeping together etc going to tell you whether or not someone is the right person to spend the rest of your life with?Of course not all marriages are successful and if things dont work out you can divorce, but the aim is to try all your best to find someone compatibile before you enter a marriage. Islam allows potential spouses to meet, see, and talk to eac hother, as long as they are not in seclusion (being alone in a closed room, or going out to a restaurant by themselves, etc). Unfortunately there is no such thing as dating in Islam.About finding a wife which you can live with peacefully, pray to Allah (swt) that O' Allah make my wife and my children obedient to me.Believe it, Allah is the Divine Power and nothing is impossible from Allah and Allah will open ways for you INSHALLAH. About holding hands and kissing etc, why it is forbidden is because being a Muslim, we all believe that this world is just an examination hall and real and forever life will be hereafter.So, basically, you just get to know the person, not err...experience them. For you, since you have non-Muslim parents, you should definitely visit a masjid and ask them if they can help you in finding a wife. (12) Jazak Allah khair for the duas but i would prefer duas for shahadah instead.

Let us start somewhere: throughout history,billions of husbands have found their wives without dating,even in the West,and they have done very well.

On the other hand , statistics with dating show alarming results.

Salaam Patrick, There is no concept of dating or any pre-marriage relationship in Islam. I found this link which might be useful - Courtship and Dating in Islam Those aren't allowed in Islam before marriage.

Rather than finding someone who's a good kisser(lol), we should look at their deen and character. Marrying the girl you love and loving the girl you marry, even if we look at it logically, later is more good for a long happy married life.

Think, just the way people find some girl, they get along for some time and fall in love, we can also do the same thing with our wives, get along with them, understand them, let them understand you and fall in love.

and if i am not mistaken (please correct me) if you followed all the things set by Islam and your wife did too, and you both go to Jannah, you both will be husband and wife there as well. 1) What does it mean when you say a relative or close friend should be present in the meeting? 2) once you've had your meeting, how do you send someone else to see this person for their appearance, like I read in another post somewhere that they can get their mother to take a look at the person and judge on whether they are suitable etc?