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A Taurus man will be the one to buy you one nice expensive gift instead of a bunch of whimsical crap. and sees little difference between romance and sensuality.

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A Taurus man doesn't say "I love you" as easily as some of the other zodiac signs, but he will show it in other ways.

He will be very generous with his gifts but they certainly won't be senseless or trivial.

This is not to say that you won't meet many hot, sexy and seemingly casual Taurus men that are down to get nasty.

It just means that if you dig a little you will find that the Taurus man is not seeking a "relationship" with you unless you are the real deal.

The neck and throat are the most sensitive area on a Taurus's body. Definitely a relationship tht can work if you are sexually attracted to eachother and if you are able to tone down or handle the affection from the cancerian.

Light touching and kissing on the neck are surely to stimulate. Focus with small circular motions around the earlobes and down the collarbone. Virgo and Capricorn are earth signs, most compatible with Taurus.

When it comes to dating he tends to consider his options very carefully.

He isn't looking for the kind of guy that everyone else is chasing after.

A Taurus can get a little too deep thinking about things and go on and on. A Taurus enjoys fine food and wine, if you are aiming to impress be sure to take them to a restaurant that knows what's up. Well im know a taurus is a very ambitious sign right?

He will also appreciate a good meal at your place, just be sure to make enough. And the thing is i have nothing going on for my self right now, no job, no school, so since i know he is a very ambitious sign i lied and said i had a job and that i was attending school, wich i will in jan, i lost my job so im going through a difficult stage of my life right now, but damn i like this guy, and i was scared he was going to reject me because of my situation what do guy think i should do other than get my !

He isn't looking for the sexy slut that somehow rules every season of the Real World.