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While this is perhaps less an issue if the mom is in a relationship or married, heaven forbid if she is single and alone.

The mom may be overly territorial and that Momma Bear will see any female, and especially one who takes special interest in her kids, as a dangerous intruder that must be closely watched and, if necessary, stopped.

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I recommend introducing/meeting children only when both people believe the relationship has staying power and are in it for the long haul.” Here’s what I hope this woman, and anyone else reading this, understands. It will have a lasting impact on them even if you think otherwise.

My kids still remember my first long term relationship after my divorce.

If you get nothing else from this essay, let it be this: When you’re a single parent, there are very different rules to love, sex, and, dating.

My advice to these women is often the same – patience and understanding.

But I can’t help but wonder what could be holding him back”.

Let me sidebar for a moment to emphasize an earlier point made about the complications of single parenting and how a single dad must balance the expectations of his ex, his kids, and his girlfriend.So, let me say now, a woman with patience and understanding to this predicament, who chooses not to press the issue of meeting the kids too hard, is someone to be treasured and appreciated. What I mean is not only must a single parent (mom or dad) navigate the emotions and expectations of an ex, they also must consider the kid’s thoughts and feelings.If the father has been single for a long time, the kids are older, or overly attached, a new woman in daddy’s life can easily be considered a separate threat because she is, ‘taking daddy away.’ That brings its own set of issues.Single fathers – and single mothers – must be careful who they allow into their children’s lives.To royally screw up a kid, just let them see a parent with a rotating door of ‘relationships’ coming through the house.She might try to turn his kids against him, or attempt take his kid(s) from him; all as a way to punish him for her displeasure, or out of jealousy.