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whatever GEORGE alright alright, I gotta buy some bread TONY yeah yeah, you know I'm definitely down for some rock-climbing GEORGE me too, I am down, I am totally down, mark me down TONY cool, so what do you say we climb a rock manyana (tomorrow in spanish)? KRAMER maana I'm doing nada TONY what do you say you scale some rock with me and George? there's not gonna be too many sandwiches TONY c'mon Kramer what do you say? gonna be pretty dangerous up there KRAMER I am down TONY yes..

Huh you know I think they charge me if I cancel with only one maana's notice (Kramer enters) TONY hey Kramer KRAMER hey TONY hey, hey Kramer my man, what are you doing maana?

It's been a long running gag between Mulaney and Hader, who created Stefon together back in 2008, for Mulaney to try his hardest to get Hader to break character.

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I would say, ' This is now this, this is now this, this is now that.'" "It was definitely a group effort," he added.

Hader brought Mulaney back to help him write the new Stefon sketch.

JERRY Elaine, you cannot judge a person on a situation like that.

I mean it's like asking for someone's canteen in the desert ELAINE yeah JERRY it's battle conditions ELAINE yeah, well I just hope I run into her again ok, cause I will never forget that flinty voice, it is *tattooed* in my brain if I hear it, watch out So listen what happened with Jane last night? Clicking the 'Edit page' button will take you through a step-by-step process.SEINFELD SCRIPT by Daniel Khamsing ([email protected]) 76th episode Season 5, number 12 Original broadcasting date: January 6, 1994 Written by Larry Charles Directed by Tom Cherones regular cast: Jerry Seinfeld (Jerry) Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Elaine) Michael Richards (Kramer) Jason Alexander(George) guest starring: Jami Gertz (Jane) Dan Cortese (Tony) (the bathroom) ELAINE what a dope! JANE no there's not enough to spare ELAINE well I don't need much, just 3 squares will do it JANE I'm sorry I don't have a square to spare, now if you don't mind ELAINE 3 squares? JANE no I don't have a square to spare, I can't spare a square ELAINE oh is it two-ply? " she was *insane* ELAINE I was begging her "please! you think if I jumped off this balcony I'd get hurt? my batteries are dead JERRY hey it's not one of those 976 calls, is it? (get in the bedroom) (Elaine enters) ELAINE I am never going back to the movies again JERRY hey where were you last night? JERRY Kramer's Andre, he's fooling around with these 976 numbers (Kramer walks out of the bedroom) hey I told you, I don't want you doing that on my phone KRAMER Jerry, I'm telling you, this phone sex thing is hilarious, like this woman Erika, here look (showing the ad in the newspaper). JERRY hey you know it's weird because that voice sounded a little familiar to me KRAMER hey, you're hungry? JERRY no I gotta go downtown ELAINE oh wait, you're giving me a lift home right? hey hey hey (fools around with his collar again) ELAINE ok Jerry, I would be going out with him no matter what he looked like JERRY of course you would ELAINE oh yeah, oh.. he's a male bimbo, he's a mimbo ELAINE he's not a mimbo, he's an exciting, charismatic man he just happened to have a perfect face JERRY and that's why you're going out with him ELAINE no it is not JERRY you know, I think George has a non sexual crush on him ELAINE I think he does too JERRY I mean, every time I see him, it's Tony this, Tony that. cause it it's two-ply I'll take one ply, one ply, one, one puny little ply, I'll take one measly ply JANE look, I don't have a square and I don't have a ply (flushing and leaving) Elaine no no, no no, don't don't, I beg you (the movie theater) JERRY (eating pop corn) hmm I love this artificial flavoring I like it better than butter I think it's more consistent JANE you would not believe what just happened to me in the bathroom JERRY what? TONY my popcorn, you were supposed to get me popcorn what? ELAINE you would not believe what just happened to me in the bathroom JANE I mean.. (Jerry's apt.) (Jerry's at his computer) (Kramer enters) KRAMER hey JERRY hey KRAMER hey guy, can I use your phone in your bedroom? KRAMER look come on, let me use it, 5 minutes, I'll pay you back huh? I looked for you, I didn't see you ELAINE I looked for you too, I was all the way over on the side JERRY oh with huh.. Tony ELAINE yeah JERRY hey hey (fooling around with his collar) ELAINE yeah, all right ok JERRY Tony, hey hey (continues fooling) ELAINE that's nice. ELAINE so I ask this woman in the stall next to me for some and she refuses! JERRY yeah ELAINE so listen, what happened last night with Jane? choked on a jujube (Jerry's car) ELAINE you know I hate to tell you this, but it's time to defrost that freezer JERRY I know, I just can't bring myself to do it meanwhile that freezer keeps getting smaller and smaller (she smiles) (Elaine looks at her watch) oh, don't wanna keep Tony waiting ELAINE hey you got a problem with Tony? George is like a school girl around him (Monk's) TONY so I said huh.. (offering pop corn to Jane) (elsewhere in the same theater) ELAINE hey TONY hey hey? a person needs a certain amount of toilet paper to be covered.. Listen, listen to this I am in the bathroom, right before the movie starts JERRY huh huh ELAINE I'm in the stall and there's no toilet paper JERRY no what? ho ho JERRY well maybe she couldn't spare it ELAINE a square? hat should be fun JERRY yeah that should be real fun ELAINE you know what, it's getting late, can I call Tony? (Jerry approaches and listens to the phone with Elaine) KRAMER (on the phone) what about the driver? KRAMER oh that wouldn't be very good JERRY (on the phone) hey Andre, get the hell off the phone! "hey dude, you better step off" (Tony takes his cap and wears it backwards) GEORGE "step off"? wow, that is too much hey.hey (George turns the cap his wearing backwards like Tony) Tony, I huh, I just had this brainstorm for us. And you're not getting any sandwiches either (phone rings, Kramer answers) JERRY you're making sandwiches? JERRY I used it up JANE well I need mine (looks at her watch) oh god loot at the time, I gotta get to work JERRY you know I'd like to hear about this job of yours JANE I told you already it's very boring you know I think I got a little too much garlic, can I have a piece of gum JERRY you're fine (goes to the bathroom) (buzzer rings) JANE oh how does this thing work? ELAINE did you have fun GEORGE AND KRAMER yeah KRAMER for a little while ELAINE where's Tony?