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"And last night I became the luckiest man on the planet when she said #ido ❤️." "Linda has been down here with us the whole time while we've been filming," he explained.

"It's been nice to have her on the road with me, but wherever we go, she's actually our boss, so she keeps us in line.

Lee graduated from Meharry Medical College in Nashville with a degree in dentistry. The aim was to “provide high-quality dental care to anyone in need,” his family said. Lee continued to practice in several locations until his retirement in 1996. Lee was a member of the New Era Dental Society, Philadelphia County Dental Society, Pennsylvania Dental Association, and the American Dental Association. Lee was given the Colgate-Palmolive Dental Volunteer of the Year Award.

He served briefly in the Army at the end of World War II. Lee earned a bachelor of science degree from West Virginia State University.His time at “State,” as he called it, fueled an affection for the university that continued until just before his death.Along with his wife, Roberta Hill Lee, he provided all six of their sons with a college education while also helping other aspiring students.In retirement, he enjoyed photography and was an avid fan of all sports, especially basketball.The only thing that brings me peace about Crazy brah is the fact that his videos have captured a relatively small number of views.

What I can’t understand is why the people behind the show would even take a chance on having a man who says he needs to smoke a blunt as he discusses black women who “talk white,” and n****s who don’t know how to play spades, all the while calling black women b*****s and h*s.The “Stilettos in the Kitchen” author and life coach has more credibility than either of these two people combined, but she’s no relationship expert.I imagine it’s her “All Men are Dogs” video that landed her a spot on the show—and at least she’s coming from more of a positive place to some degree—but again, it’s You Tube.Her follow-up “Plantation Mentality” video shows you just how serious she takes her cameo on Dr. And the man who got in her face about her attitude in the “Life Changers” trailer for the show?He’s a You Tube “star” (for lack of a better word) as well who appropriately calls himself Crazy brah and has multiple videos describing how much he hates black women.As a result of his hatred for black women he proudly states he can see why “Chris Brown beat that b*****s a**.” And surprise, dude’s got mommy issues too.