Who is khloe kardashian is dating davey havoc dating

But to act like Khloe is the reason why Mc Cants is out of the NBA is absurd.

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While there hasn't been any official confirmation from Jenner or the Kardashian family (it hasn't confirmed Khloé's pregnancy, either), just about every outlet is congratulating Jenner already. Sister Kim is also expecting a child, although she and husband Kanye West are using a surrogate for their third child.

That's the only confirmed news, but if everything comes together just right, it looks like the Kardashian crew will get a bumper crop of wee tots in 2018.

Mc Cants isn’t the first athlete to raise eyebrows by dating a Kardashian.

In fact, one NBA star recently said his play took off once he stopped dating Khloe.

May 2014 - Present Khloe Kardashian stepped out with rapper French Montana in May 2014, not too long after her divorce from Lamar Odom.

They kept their relationship off the red carpet at first, but held hands in public and plastered cute pictures all over their respective Instagram pages.Former NBA player Rashad Mc Cants has a few regrets about the way his basketball career shook out, but none bigger than dating one of the Kardashians.Mc Cants became known for helping North Carolina win the national championship while teaming up with fellow prized recruits Sean May, David Noel and Raymond Felton. 14 overall by the Timberwolves in 2005 and played with Minnesota through 2009.It's not something he would have considered before, but his career and love life are in tatters, and he feels he's got nothing to lose," the source said. I would never consider myself serious with another woman.Recently, during an interview with In Touch magazine, Odom admitted that he is still in love with Kardashian."That woman is my wife. [Even] with her picture being taken with another man, that woman is my wife," he said."She's [my] soul mate," Odom continued. To sum it up, if a man is attempting to court Khloé, he's probably wasting his time."He said that seeing Kardashian with other men "is weird.“Without that situation in play, I’m a -70 million player,” Mc Cants said. He had interest from a few other NBA teams over the next year, but nothing worked out.